Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Madness!

As with most of the other 4.8 million brackets created for ESPN's Tournament Challenge, mine are all in shambles. However, there have been a few moments in this tournament that have made for a warm, fuzzy feeling. Obviously, it felt great to see Purdue win a tournament game without Robbie Hummel. If you listened to the experts, announcers, columnists, fans from every other school, or general public it may have seemed to you that the Boilers stood about as much chance of beating Siena as I have of playing professional baseball (hint: I'm blind in one eye, so my chances are less than zero). It was quite apparent to Boiler fans how significant this injury would be, but the Purdue faithful refused to give up hope. To me, this looks like a Sweet 16 team, which is not bad for a team that's season went down the toilets with the loss of one player, according to everybody and their brother.

I enjoy a good upset here and there, and of course I picked a few in my brackets just to feel like I was living on the edge. I had Murray State over Vandy in a few, ODU over Notre Dame in a few, and Washington over Marquette in a few. However, in twelve brackets I did not think twice about picking Georgetown. The Hoyas, as we all know, fell flat on their faces against a hot shooting Ohio team, and as they fall they took everybody's bracket with them, leaving us with a pile of crumbled up paper rendered meaningless and overly hyped basketball players... also rendered meaningless. That, in a nutshell, is the beauty of March Madness.

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