Saturday, January 23, 2010


This here will be my first shot at blogging after years of openly sharing my opinions about all things sports with my friends and family members. You may not like what I have to say about everything, but I will promise to try to entertain you with all of my postings. If you have an opinion about something that I post, I promise to be open to hearing it, and will always try to respond.

A few things to note, in case you couldn't tell by the name of the blog. I am a HUGE Cincinnati Reds, Indianapolis Colts, and Purdue Boilermakers fan. You will likely see a lot of content related to those three teams. However, that will not be all that you see here, as I am just a big sports fan in general and typically have some sort of opinion about everything sports related.

I hope that you enjoy what I have to say, and that you will check back frequently. I will try to make some sort of posting everyday, but being a college student that can sometimes be difficult.

Thanks for checking out my blog and Boiler UP!

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