Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dream Super Bowl

Since the day Drew Brees went to New Orleans, the possibility of a Brees vs. Manning Super Bowl has had me salivating. The thought of my two favorite football players of all time squaring off for the Championship in the sport the consumes my life gives me a funny feeling deep down inside.

This game has the makings to be one of the best football games that any of us have ever seen in our lives. Just a few of the excellent match-ups we get to look forward to, dream about, and pick apart for the next two weeks:
  • Brees vs. Manning: I would argue that these are the top two quarterbacks in the NFL at this point in time. I know some would try to throw Tom Brady into that conversation, but I just can't do that as a Purdue and Colts fan. There is going to be a lot a chucking the ol' pigskin in this one, and both of these guys will look to carry his team to glory.
  • Freeney and Mathis vs. New Orleans' Pro Bowl O-Line: Mathis and Freeney have both looked excellent this year, and are considered one of the best defensive end duos in the league (obviously I'm biased and would consider them THE best). They will be lining up across from an offensive line that had two players voted into the Pro Bowl, and another added as an injury replacement. The group has only allowed Breesus to be sacked once all postseason, and neither Freeney nor Mathis have recorded a sack in a postseason game. It will be interesting to see if the Saints big uglies can continue to slow down the Colts explosive rush.
  • Colts Receivers vs. New Orleans Secondary: This might be my favorite match-up of all. Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garçon, Dallas Clark, and Marvi... I mean Antho.. Ok just those four. But just those four have been more than enough for this incredible ride that we are on. I MUST give special mention of what Pierre Garçon did last week against what was supposed to be an excellent Jets secondary. The guy simply made big play after big play and carried the Colts (with a little help from Peyton) to victory. They will be up against one of the best playmaking secondaries in the NFL. Three players returned interceptions for scores, and Darren Sharper was quite possibly the best defensive player in the NFL this year. Both sides will have to give it their all on every play, and this could be the matchup that decides the game.
I will continue to dream about what this game means to those of us in Boilermaker and Colt territories, and as I dream I will continue to post some tidbits for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, be sure to check out Super Bowl central at ESPN for all of the latest news and information about the big game.

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  1. You really think Cairo makes the 25 man roster ahead of Janish